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MCC Mazurkas and Mazurkas Catering 360o sum up the past year 2016!

MCC Mazurkas and Mazurkas Catering 360<sup>o</sup> sum up the past year 2016!

1028 events in 36 cities, over 237,000 guests served and the increase in turnover of 18% – these are the results achieved by MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre and Mazurkas Catering 360° in 2016.

2016 was a fruitful year for MCC Mazurkas & Mazurkas Catering 360° with 1028 events taking place both in the conference centre as well as in other locations in Poland and 237,000 guests served. Such a result is a consequence of introduction of new products, opening a new branch of Mazurkas Catering 360° in Silesia and Malopolska as well as catering service during such a prestigious event as the NATO Summit in Warsaw – underlines Michał Kozak, General Director of Mazurkas Catering 360° and MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre & Hotel. We have increased the total turnover for the conference centre and Mazurkas Catering 360°  by 18% in comparison to the 2015. Year on year, we have a stronger and stronger position on the market, which is reflected in the annnual turnover of the company. In 2015 we recorded a rise of annual turnover of 11%, as compared with 2014.

In 2016 Mazurkas Catering 360° consistently implemented the development strategy adopted in the prevoius year. Its key elements were team expansion, improvement of the internal procedures as well as making use of the Mazurkas Group synergy in order to serve catering services during the biggest events in the MICE market in Poland. Last year was also the period of improvement of the products and services of Mazurkas Catering 360°. Right now, customers expect from the catering company a lot of creaticity, they put the emphasis on distinctiveness and innovtions as well as attsch more importance to the quality and level of services provided –  underlines Michał Kozak. Right now, the catering service of Mazurkas Catering 360°  does not only include unique and original meals but also perfectly composed service based on the newest trends. As the catering service market leader in the MICE sector we are aware of the fact that catering does not only mean food, but it is a complex service, which in its original, culinary and artistic aspect, creates integral and highly important part of the event – adds Michał Kozak. The company continues the co-operation with Arkadiusz Zuchmański (the first Pole who was awarded Michelin Guide Star) which was started in 2015. Being inspired by the world trends and co-operating with the best chefs, are still key points in the further development strategy of the company. 

The conference centre MCC Mazurkas, despite the growing competition in the venue segment, has reported an increase in the numbers of events hosted. It was possible thanks to the knowledge and experience of the team, wuality of the services as well as new products. The  biggest customers of MCC Mazurkas in 2016 were, among others, Eurocash, Play, OVB Allfinanz, AXA, Santander, Tupperware, Huawai, FIEGE czy Profix. In May the chefs' team was expanded by the Creative Chef, which is responsible for creation of original dishes and unexpected taste combinations for hte Mazurkas brand. In 2016 the company consistently acted within the scope of the CSR policy, as well as continued the series of cultural events named Forum Humanum Mazurkas.

In May, with the opening of a new branch and signing the exclusive co-operation agreement with International Conference Centre (MCK) in Katowice, Mazurkas Catering 360° started its expansion in the market of Silesia and Małopolska. European Economic Congress - the biggest and the most important economic event in Central Europe, was the first project executed jointly by the companies, after signing the agreement. During the 3-day Congress Mazurkas Catering 360° served catering for over 8,000 persons. Next large events were, among others, Psychiatric Congress (4,500 pax), Health Challenges Congress (2,500 pax) and Association of Business Service Leaders (1,700 pax). Altogether in 2016 Mazurkas Catering 360° served on the Silesian market catering during 105 different events for 39,000 guests.Starting cooperation with such a congress centre, which has huge possibilities of adaptation of its interiors to the needs of the events, required from us a lot of preparation, i.e. recruitment of new emplyees as well as purchasing kitchen equipment for the kitchen area of 1,1 thousand sqm - says Michał Kozak. The result of the agreement with MCK and opening the branch in Silesia is not only the exclusive catering service during the events taking place at MCK but first of all development of the activities of Mazurkas Catering 360° in the South Poland.

Undoubtedly, the biggest project in 2016 was the catering service during the NATO Summit, which took place in July in Warsaw. Mazurkas Catering 360° was the only catering company in Poland which decided to take up a challenge of fulfilling the requirements of the Ministry of National Defence regarding the timing of execution of service as well as the scope of them. This proves how complicated the whole catering service was. Preparations for the service during the NATO Summit lasted one month. During the 2-day Summit 80 cooks managed by 10 chefs, with the support of almost 400 waiters and 150 persons of operational staff, have prepared and served catering at 4 levels of PGE National Stadium, in a special tent built on the main pitch, 2 tents built at the stadium meadows and the Grand Theatre. Altogether during the Summit 14,000 guests were served and the number of meals served amounted to 30,000 (for the preparation of them 63 tonnes of products). Mazurkas Catering 360° rendered its services for (among others): he US President Barack Obama, President of France Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron, President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker​. 

The biggest events, during which Mazurkas Catering 360° rendered its services in 2016 include among others: Verva Street Racing (VIP Zone PGE National Stadium Meadows, 1,500 pax), National Conference of the Echocardiography Section of the Polish Cardiology Society (International Congress Centre  in Katowice, 2,000 pax), Picnic of the Aviation Institute and GE (Służewiec Horse Racetrack, 3,000 pax), Empik Bestsellers (Praska Drukarnia, 400 pax), Picnic of Bud Mat/Drift Masters GP (Wisła Stadium in Płock, 1,300 pax), Microsoft Conference (EXPO XXI, 650 pax), Picnic of Orlen and the Chemist Day (Wisła Stadium in Płock, 20,000 pax), „Building the Dream”- final episode (Stara Wieś, 400 pax), open-air event of the Polish National Railways (3,000 pax).

In 2017 MCC Mazurkas & Mazurkas Catering 360° are going to focus on consistent work within the scope of sales and marketing, introduction of new products and, in case of Mazurkas Catering 360°, on further development in the regions of Silesia nad Małopolska as well as expansion on new markets.

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